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“Researchers still know very little about the genetic and biological bases of language learning, and the new findings may lead to advances in these areas,” says Ullman.“We know much more about the genetics and biology of the brain systems than about these same aspects of language learning.Ullman, Ph D, professor of neuroscience at Georgetown University School of Medicine.“These brain systems are also found in animals – for example, rats use them when they learn to navigate a maze,” says co-author Phillip Hamrick, Ph D, of Kent State University.For example, various pharmacological agents (e.g., the drug memantine) and behavioral strategies (e.g., spacing out the presentation of information) have been shown to enhance learning or retention of information in the brain systems, he says.These approaches may thus also be used to facilitate language learning, including in disorders such as aphasia, dyslexia, and autism.* Easily to search the newspaper from the Google Search or Microsoft Bing Search to add to your list in one click.* Easy to zoom the text size when reading * Easy to share the link of your favorite articles to your friends * Easy to save the link of your favorite articles * App size is super light Using the App, you can surf all of well-known Brazil online Newspapers quickly and easily, then you can add more link to any your favorite online Newspapers later after installing the app.

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It shows that children learn their native language and adults learn foreign languages in evolutionarily ancient brain circuits that also are used for tasks as diverse as remembering a shopping list and learning to drive.

“Our conclusion that language is learned in such ancient general-purpose systems contrasts with the long-standing theory that language depends on innately-specified language modules found only in humans,” says the study’s senior investigator, Michael T.

The results showed that how good we are at remembering the words of a language correlates with how good we are at learning in declarative memory, which we use to memorize shopping lists or to remember the bus driver’s face or what we ate for dinner last night.

Grammar abilities, which allow us to combine words into sentences according to the rules of a language, showed a different pattern.GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER WASHINGTON — It has often been claimed that humans learn language using brain components that are specifically dedicated to this purpose.

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