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09-Nov-2016 13:35

I soon changed my dating profile picture to a more accurate reflection of what I looked like and found that almost nothing in my new dating life changed. It's easy, now that I am so far removed from it, to say that I was being silly and should have just owned my new body and not cared what anyone thought. Such stigma surrounds women changing their bodies — whether by surgery or even just naturally gaining or losing weight, as any tabloid will tell you.

I learned first-hand how the stigma effects women who undergo elective surgery.

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Fast forward a year, and it was the pain that ultimately got to me.I talked about it a lot with my parents before deciding that getting a breast reduction would be the smartest thing for my physical and emotional well being. I also immediately noticed a change in the way guys approached me.I had the procedure done when junior year ended and became a proud owner of a 36C cup. And by that I mean, they didn't approach me anymore.ENTER YOUR INFO AND LET US MATCH YOU UP WITH A DATE NOW!!! COM DOES NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU SHARE PERSONAL DETAILS OR PLAN TO MEET OUTSIDE THIS FORUM…ANY INFORMATION YOU SHARE ON THIS FORUM IS STRICTLY AT YOUR RISK…THIS FORUM IS STRICTLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT…THERE ARE SOME CRAZY FOLKS OUT THERE, BE CAREFUL******** FOR ENQUIRY ABOUT SUGAR MUMMY NUMBERS FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ( @naijauncutporn ) Videos: LINDA CAME TO WATCH DSTV BUT UNCLE BEN GAVE HER THE BEST FUCK OF HER LIFE WATCH VIDEO – 18 YEARS OLD GIRL FUCKED HARD BY BROTHERS FRIEND…

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO – BIG BOOBS LADY ‘TOSIN’ GETTING FUCKED …I knew I looked great now, but my breasts felt like such a big part of my identity that I could not bring myself to just post a headshot or a more recent photo.

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