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Tickets cost for Lower Level seats, for 100 Level seats, or for Upper Level seats.Please note you must purchase a special ticket to receive the FDNY Night Shirt.The t-shirts can be redeemed from outside Section 19 the night of the event.

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There are a number of questions that relatives have about that period and a strongly held belief that people were sacrificed to help protect other people.”Thompson said families were “hopeful” that Chief Constable Jon Boutcher “will get to the bottom of this.

Groups of 10 are invited on the court for a post game free throw. Indeed, it is a perfect metaphor for collusion in Northern Ireland:the British Government’s historic, systemic and official policy of using Unionist/Protestant murder gangs to assassinate Catholics. Saturday, February 3, 2018THE Scots army officer who commanded a shadowy British military intelligence unit in Northern Ireland which colluded with terrorists who murdered civilians during the Troubles should be questioned as part of a police probe, the families of victims have said.

For group tickets of 10 or general information, please contact William Lamson at 718-942-9695 or [email protected] However, when it suited, the British Government also colluded in the murder of Protestants—— as the Raymond Mc Cord, Jr. Not only that, but when it also suited, the British Government used its agents in the IRA to assassinate at will—as the Stakeknife case illustrates. Brigadier Gordon Kerr, who is originally from Aberdeen, ran the Force Research Unit (FRU) whose officers ‘handled’ top-level paramilitary informers.

The whereabouts of Kerr, now 70, are currently unknown, and it is understood he is no longer in the armed forces.

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Bedfordshire Police would not confirm whether Kerr has been or will be brought in for questioning, but relatives of victims, who believe their loved ones were killed due to FRU operations, want Kerr probed.The Sunday Herald also named Kerr as the head of the FRU in November 2000.