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And we make it our mission to make sure you learn the language you set out to learn.

Ask those places with tens of thousands of students to do that and see what they say! The way to learn anything in life is by working hard and having support from experts and teachers.

12mar: tlnet (and TL'17) frozen, tlpretest starts, CTAN updates continue there. Te X Live has been developed since 1996 by collaboration between the Te X user groups.

2apr: code freeze for final build, major bug fixes only. 16apr: deliver TL image for Te X Collection packaging/testing. Te X Live was originally perpetrated by Sebastian Rahtz.

But here at Live Lingua we believe that for some things there is still no replacement for the personal touch. But after a few years as we grew slowly by word of mouth we found that people stayed with us and recommended us NOT because we were huge, but because we weren't. The fact that almost every staff member at Live Lingua knew their names and their need even if they had never met before.When you try to find a language teacher via an online directory you are flipping a coin. There is no way in guaranteeing that your teacher will be good or stopping them from taking your money and disappearing.At Tom Tom, we're all about helping you get around.Live Lingua was founded with that ideal and philosophy in mind. We keep track of all our students progress and make ourselves available for your needs.

This applies to everybody from the teachers to the CEO.

23apr: deliver Te X Collection DVD image for manufacturing. Present miscreants include Akira Kakuto, Karl Berry, Luigi Scarso, Mojka Miklavec, Norbert Preining, Reinhard Kotucha, Siep Kroonenberg, Staszek Wawrykiewicz, and a cast of thousands.

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