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Transcripts are generated using a combination of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain errors. The people at the heart of her fan base-- college kids. That was definitely a thing that would happen in San Francisco and at Berkeley, where people would have dyke parties, where only women were invited, and it was just like a thing that happened. And it's just the deliberate sort of twisting of what you say and what you do all the time, to make it seem like you're just this evil, deep down homophobe who's just-- you're revealing your evil nature when you use various words or whatever and taking things out of context all the time. But that isn't even the reason they were upset with her from the moment she got there.

Please check the corresponding audio before quoting in print. She still remembers the moment when she first came face to face with it. Lots of students knew her from You Tube, so they'd show up to hear her talk about healthy relationships, and they would submit anonymous questions that they were too embarrassed to ask anyone else. Laci doesn't even want to mention the college's name. That was probably because of the fallout from a third word she'd said, way back in 2009.

What is surprising is how over time, the kinds of people taking shots at her changed until she was under fire from the last people she expected, because they objected to certain words that she was saying. Yeah, the first sex ed video that I made that went viral was called You Can't Pop Your Cherry, and it was about the hymen. The hymen is a very thin--And it was about basic anatomy-- what the hymen is, and also a little bit of cultural analysis about the hymen myth and some of the sexism that drives it. Big, bad penis needs to come in and pop your hymen and make you bleed and-- Laci talks about sex like an enthusiastic nerd-- excited, totally unembarrassed. Girls are called sluts, while boys are called players.

Born with sex organs or traits that don't fit traditional definitions of female or male? And in the video, I talked about sex development in the womb and sex differentiation and how we become male and female, and they're somewhere in between. You're leaving out some transgender people, for instance. And after a few months of that, Laci decided she'd had enough of everyone ranting at each other, especially ranting at her. She'd reach out directly to one of the antagonists, Blaire White. Talking to a celebrity You Tube feminist like Laci was a good way to get viewers. To him and to many anti-feminists, it was all a big game-- people trolling each other, making dumb jokes, sometimes arguing. The ways that our-- And of course, once people found out she was dating Chris Ray Gun, it was kind of a big deal.