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06-Nov-2016 13:52

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The standing pee was no doubt advantageous in our time as hunter-gatherers, and it still comes in handy at gas stations, or when the coffee shop bathroom is customers-only but there’s an empty alley out back.Shall we then refuse to see that its time has largely passed?Of course, I had had a few drinks myself, so it took me a little bit to recognize that it wasn’t really that the date started to go incredibly well, it was just that she started to get incredibly hammered.There was swaying in the chair, some leisurely approaches to diction, and lots of laughter.

The drinks came, I suggested perhaps we shouldn’t drink them, and she looked at me the way a drunk person looks at someone who suggests such a thing. In its place was very little talking and a fair amount of singing along to the ambient bar music.Things can seem delightful, but until she shows up for a second date you really have no idea where you stand.Believe me, I’ve had many first dates that seemed a lock for a second – tons of laughter, flirty glances, kiss goodnight – then when I call and ask her out again she disappears. But then again, I do front load a lot of my dates with hardcore racial humor, so maybe that’s part of the problem.I don’t have an answer, but listen: It’s not too late for something different, something bold and humane and comforting.

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The ideal number of drinks on a first Internet date is two. And more than two, well that can be pretty dangerous.Deep down, they suspect that trying the alternative leads to an irrevocable switch. Truthfully, the hardest part of sitting is the regret over all those years of spraying the wall with a 90º-angled pee jet right after sex.