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At the time of Tripuradah (Lord Shiva had destroyed the three demons of the demons from the same arrows), Vasuki Shiva became the door of the bow. When Sheshnag saw that his mother Kadru and brothers together have tricked Vinaata (another wife of Rishi Kashyap), then they left their mother and brothers together and started doing penance on the mountains of Gandmandan.

Pleased with his penance, Brahma gave him a boon that your intellect would never be distracted by religion.

Then Nagraj Vasukhi married his sister Jarusu with the sage Jasru.

At the time, Jasroos gave birth to a scholar son named Ashiq.

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At that time, the sage sage kept his mantras stable in the sky.

Brahma also told Sheshnag that this earth is constantly shaking, so you should put it on your own body in such a way that it becomes stable.