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As a forensic artist who specializes in craniofacial reconstruction (try saying that three times fast), she’s just as intelligent as she is beautiful, and serves as a loyal best friend to Dr. fans were psyched when repeated references were made to Angela’s possible interest in women, including a mention of an ex-lover named Roxie.And in season four, viewers met Roxie (played by Nichole Hiltz) when she reappeared in Angela’s life. At the Fox TCA party in Pasadena this week, Michaela expressed her love of Angela’s bisexual side.“The thing that I really liked about her when I auditioned for the role, was she sort of loves who she loves and she is attracted to what she’s attracted to,” Michaela said. She doesn’t distinguish between men and women, or old or young.In the Joe, you’ll start talking to a friend about how she’s texting a guy, but how that’s pretty much all they do. There’s no actual connection that these fabricated “relationships” have.From a general standpoint, there’s nothing there — an imagination of something more than friends, as I like to think of it.Of course, there are couples that do make it through the fray, but I’ve heard of several instances where someone always seems to get hurt in these “talking” or “hooking up” phases.There have been many times where my girlfriends and I have sat in a room and became extremely frustrated over our generation’s dating culture.Michaela Conlin is an American actress born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA on June 9, 1978, to an Irish American father and Chinese American mother.

I began to think of people that were actually dating in college. I used “pugnacious” to describe a rowdy friend or “crony” to harshly describe an acquaintance, but very rarely do I dare use the word “dating” to describe any of my romantic affairs. It felt more like a go-with-the-flow type of thing. I like to think my vocabulary is quite large with all the words I was exposed to in high school.Are we that scared of feelings that we avoid falling in love?

Is this generation seriously that terrified of commitment to the point that the only thing we really commit to is a Netflix series?“I don’t know, but the show could keep going and in season 7 or 8 maybe! Michaela credits producer Hart Hanson for the development of Angela’s sexuality and free spirit.