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06-Sep-2016 03:25

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The Swedish company unveiled their brand-new HEX condoms, which, for the first time, have a structure inspired by graphene.They claim it’s “the world’s strongest and thinnest material.” The condoms are still made of latex, like the Trojans or Life Styles you’re familiar with. Each condom has a honeycomb-like lattice, or a hexagonal-shaped web, which, according to Lelo, is engineered to “address the three core issues that people have with condoms: they reduce pleasure, they slip too easily and break too frequently.” That’s right, the HEX’s graphene structure promises to be stronger (graphene is basically impermeable to everything but water), fit tighter and feel better than any other latex condom.

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(Among those backers is one Charlie Sheen—because, hey, who better to throw sexual health into the limelight? Sure, it's one of the thinnest, feels-like-nothing's-there condoms on the market.

In the largest nationwide study on sexuality, in 2010, 45% of men and 63% of women reported not using a condom in their most recent sexual encounter with a "new acquaintance," according to Indiana University.

Such negligence can invite a host of complications, including disease.

But the HEX's real impact isn't just the feel: It's the structure—which, the company boasts, marks the first major condom innovation in 70 years.

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As the name implies, the HEX condom has a unique hexagonal design that makes it one of the strongest, most durable, condoms around.The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise, as innovation in the condom industry has stalled over the past few years.